Gas Masks

SGE 150

(medium/large - code: 33970)
(small/medium - code: 33980)

An escape mask with many features of the SGE 400 and SGE 400/3 gas masks.

The SGE 150 Gas Mask has multi-purpose applications. The following are the characteristics of the mask:

  • Butyl rubber face seal
  • Polycarbonate face shield
  • Light weight
  • Compact large field of vision
  • Easy Maintenance

SGE 400

(medium/large - code: 33990)
(small/medium - code: 33981)

The SGE 400 mask has been designed to meet military and civil defense requirements.

The following are the characteristics of the mask:

  • Single front filter connection
  • Ballistic and chemical aggressive treated face shield
  • Silicone face seal (excellent for long period use; tested for 6 days without removing)

SGE 400/3 - SGE 400/3BB

(medium/large - code: 33994)
(small/medium - code: 33982)

Identical to the SGE 400, but with 3 NATO 40mm DIN 3283 filter ports. Side location of filter allows a more comfortable aiming of a gun.

SGE400/3BB Gas Mask

(medium/large - code: 33992)
(small/medium - code: 33983)

Identical to the SGE 400/3, but with a butyl rubber face seal to respond to the CBRN requirements.

TP 400/3 AS Gas Mask

(mask with helmet - code: 34000)

The TP 400/3 (NATO ID 7272) is a PPE designed in collaboration with Italian Carabinieri to respond to 4 different needs of Police Departments engaged in antiriot operations.

Allowing police-personnel face protection against strokes, inflammable liquids, even burning liquid or viscous chemical agents.

The gas mask is connectable to the antiriot helmet by 4 connection points, that are not flexible, which are positioned at 90 degrees to each other to guarantee the highest torsion rigidity even during contact situation (fighting).

Allows breathing protection in accordance with EN 136:1998 CL 3. Allows the use of standardized 40 mm NATO filters, applicable individually in the front or on both sides as a twin filter. The one-side single application is particularly comfortable when aiming guns, even for left-handed police-personnel.

  SGE 150 SGE 400 SGE 400/3 SGE 400/3 BB
Filter ports 1 (front) 1 (front) 3 (side & front) 3 (side &; front)
Face silicone seal Butyl rubber Silicone Silicone Butyl rubber
Face shield coating No Yes Yes Yes
Additional bottom port No Available Available Available
Drinking device option No Yes Yes Yes
Microphone connection No No Available with side port substitution Available with side port substitution
Lenses support Available as access Available as access Available as access Available as access
Integrated hood Available Available SGE 400/C Available Available
Speaking diaphragm Available on request Available on request Available on request Available on request
Mustard gas resistance No Face Shield Only Face Shield Only Yes

Comparative Table of Masks

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